Custom Water Protection – Swim Plugs & Swim Bands

Patients who’ve had ear surgery, have ventilation tube(s) or suffer from swimmer’s ear are often advised to avoid getting water in their ears, which can limit fun activities like swimming. To help patients enjoy water-related activities safely, EN&T offers custom-made Water Protection Plugs and Swim Bands.

Custom Swim Plugs are made here in the office while you wait and are usually ready in 15-20 minutes.

For older children or someone who swims frequently, Custom Swim Plugs from a manufacturer may be a better choice. Our Audiologists take earmold impressions which are then sent out for fabrication. Completed Swim Plugs are then ready in two weeks.

A Swim Band, which fits around the head snuggly and covers the ears, may be worn with either type of custom Swim Plugs. Bands provide additional water protection and hold the Plugs securely in place. A Swim Band is recommended for those who are active in the pool.

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