Tonsillectomy (Adult)

You should remain at home for the first ten days. You may be up and about, shower, and climb stairs, but refrain from vigorous physical activity.

A well-balanced nutritious diet is essential for proper healing! One has the general tendency to restrict the diet to liquid or soft foods, but regular food is allowed. Eggs, cereal, toast, sandwiches, meats, vegetables (cooked) and fruits should be eaten by the third day after surgery.

You will receive a prescription for pain medication and an antibiotic after surgery. Steroids may also be prescribed to reduce throat swelling. You may also use ibuprofen (Motrin®/Advil®) for pain every 6 hours, and should begin to transition to over-the-counter pain control after 7 days.

A low grade infection of the tonsillar area commonly occurs after surgery. Your pain medication contains acetaminophen (Tylenol®) to decrease the fever. Drink more fluids while the fever is present. The fever may last 4-5 days.

Your doctor should be called for instructions at any time, night or day, if bleeding occurs. Dial 304-342-0124 and designate the call as an emergency. If you call and cannot reach your doctor, go to the hospital where the operation was performed if you think bleeding is excessive or an emergency exists.

Office Visit
You will be given an appointment card on discharge.

Return to Work
Your doctor will advise you about returning to work or regular activities. Please ask the medical assistant for a Return to Work slip at your post-op visit.


  • Bleeding is most common the 1st day or the 5th-10th day.
  • 1 in 50 adults may have post-operative bleeding.
  • Ear pain is common and is referred from the throat.
  • The tongue may be sore and slightly swollen after surgery.
  • Chewing gum is allowed and will help the throat soreness.

Please call the medical assistant at 304-340-2205 for any questions or concerns.

For an emergency dial 304-342-0124 and press “1” to designate the call as an emergency – our trained office personnel will respond to your emergency call.



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