Patients of Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of Charleston

This Notice is to advise you that Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of Charleston will be closing and will no longer be available to provide your medical care effective October 29, 2021.   We will be available until that time for your health care needs.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve the needs of our communities since 1979.

Dr. Michael Goins will begin to see patients 12/1/2021 at his new location 1311 Virginia Street East, you may call to schedule appointments by calling 304-353-0210

Dr. D. Richard Lough is making plans to continue to see patients in the area. Please look for notices on how to contact or continue care with Dr. Lough in the near future.

Dr. Todd Nichols will no longer be seeing patients in the Charleston area.

Sources to locate a physician in this area include: CAMC-, Charleston Surgical 304-353-0210, Marshall- St. Mary’s-,  WVU-,

You may request your medical records by completing and returning the Medical Records Request in our FORMs link or by calling (304)342-0124 to request a copy of the form by mail. The form must still be completed and returned.  


Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of Charleston, Inc.

Practice update regarding Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19): 

In accordance with the current WV State plan of phased re-opening, we are now seeing patients in the office for routine visits and consultations.  We have also resumed scheduling elective surgical procedures.

We continue to follow best practices to keep all patients and staff safe. We want every patient to feel confident coming to our office. With this in mind, we have instituted the following measures.

  1. Only the patient (and one guardian/caregiver, if necessary) will be allowed in the office. Children may be accompanied by one parent/caregiver only.  Anyone not essential to the visit will be asked to wait in the car.
  2. We have limited waiting room space. If you arrive early, you will be asked to wait in your vehicle until your scheduled visit time.
  3. All patients must arrive with a mask or face covering. Those patients who arrive without a mask/face covering will be re-scheduled.
  4. Have all current insurance information on hand.
  5. Patients with incomplete paperwork will be asked to complete in their vehicle and return. (Exceptions will be made for patients with ambulatory issues)
  6. All patients will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival.
  7. Patients failing the COVID-19 screening will be referred to their family physician for evaluation/testing, and their appointment rescheduled.
  8. Payments will only be accepted using Credit Card or Checks.

For selected patients, we are continuing to offer a telemedicine visit in lieu of face-to-face office contact. This connection is made through e-mail or text message, and does not require download of an app. Please call 304 340-2200 to schedule.

Allergy injections will not be given in the office, but allergy serum will continue to be mailed out to those on home therapy.

We appreciate your understanding as we all go through this trying time.


Physicians from all over the region refer patients to the EN&T Associates of Charleston for three reasons:

  1. Outstanding Physicians
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology
  3. Genuine Care for All Patients

Call us to schedule an appointment:
(304) 340-2200

Melissa A. White, M.S., CCC-A
September 28, 2021


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